IIT Certificate Attestation in India

The term attestation signifies an act of validating a document. From the context of IIT, attestation of an IIT certificate indicates an act of witnessing a certified academic degree duly authorized by a competent authority/person with their official seal and signature. Besides, an attestation also assures you that the specific IIT certificate is issued by a legitimate department/person, and the presence of official seal and signature on that certificate also promises you about the authenticity of that document in particular.

In India, attestation of an IIT certificate can be practiced from the country who is issuing the certificate. However, in contrast, attestation of such certificates in UAE must be done from the HRD or MEA & corresponding Embassy of the country where the holder of such degree/certificate intends to go.

We are here to complete the cycle of entire attestation process even if the IIT certificate holder is not present in the issuing country.

Requisite documents for undergoing the attestation process in India

The required documents for completing the attestation process of IIT certificate in India are listed as follows:

Original certificate
Passport copy
Visa Copy
Degree copy
Mark sheet all year
HSC Certificate
SSC Certificate

Further, it is to be noted that for the applicants whose document is originated from Andhra Pradesh need to provide their one recent passport size photograph.

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